pub trait GenericPageTable: Sync + Send {
    fn table_phys(&self) -> PhysAddr;
    fn map(&mut self, page: Page, paddr: PhysAddr, flags: MMUFlags) -> PagingResult;
    fn unmap(&mut self, vaddr: VirtAddr) -> PagingResult<(PhysAddr, PageSize)>;
    fn update(
        &mut self,
        vaddr: VirtAddr,
        paddr: Option<PhysAddr>,
        flags: Option<MMUFlags>
    ) -> PagingResult<PageSize>; fn query(
        vaddr: VirtAddr
    ) -> PagingResult<(PhysAddr, MMUFlags, PageSize)>; fn map_cont(
        &mut self,
        start_vaddr: VirtAddr,
        size: usize,
        start_paddr: PhysAddr,
        flags: MMUFlags
    ) -> PagingResult { ... } fn unmap_cont(&mut self, start_vaddr: VirtAddr, size: usize) -> PagingResult { ... } }
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A generic page table abstraction.

Required Methods

Get the physical address of root page table.

Map the page to the frame of paddr with flags.

Unmap the page of vaddr.

Change the flags of the page of vaddr.

Query the physical address which the page of vaddr maps to.

Provided Methods