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Hardware Abstraction Layer


Definition of phyical, virtual addresses and helper functions.

Bootstrap and initialization.

Kernel configuration.

Console input and output.

User context.

CPU information.

Device drivers.


Functions only available on the libos mode.

Physical memory operations.

Random number generator.

Thread spawning.

Time and clock functions.

Raw pointer from user land.

VDSO constants.

Virtual memory operations.


The error type which is returned from HAL functions. TODO: more error types.

Kernel configuration passed by kernel when calls crate::primary_init_early().

Generic memory flags.


Generic cache policy.


The smallest size of a page (4K).


Functions implemented in the kernel and used by HAL funtions.


Non-SMP initialization.

The main part of the primary CPU initialization.

Initialize the primary CPU at an early stage (before the physical frame allocator).

Initialize the secondary CPUs.

Type Definitions

Device address.

The result type returned by HAL functions.

Physical address.

Virtual address.