Configure the specified interrupt vector. If it is invoked, it must be invoked prior to interrupt registration.

Handle IRQ.

Test weather interrupt is enabled

Disable the interrupts

Enable the interrupts

Is a valid IRQ number.

Disable IRQ.

Method used for platform allocation of blocks of MSI and MSI-X compatible IRQ targets.

Method used to free a block of MSI IRQs previously allocated by msi_alloc_block(). This does not unregister IRQ handlers.

Register a handler function for a given msi_id within an msi_block_t. Passing a NULL handler will effectively unregister a handler for a given msi_id within the block.

Add an interrupt handler to an IRQ.

Enable IRQ.

Remove the interrupt handler to an IRQ.

Suspend the CPU (also enable interrupts) and wait for an interrupt to occurs, then disable interrupts.